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A comment on article in the Sin Chew Daily <鄭丁賢的滥竽充数的星洲日报专论>

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My English teacher reminded us that coffee house in British is not coffee shop as you see in Malaysia when I was in the secondary school. This genius from the Sin Chew somehow still mistaken coffee house as coffee shop.

There are several factual errors found in the short article, which was alleged read by a million Mandarin speaking Chinese.

As several online writers already pointed out,

– The background of cartoon on the cover is not The Victorian era.

– There were several newspapers in circulation during The Victorian era.

– The meaning of “accountability journalism” in the context is not “新聞學上要求的公信力”,but “问责性新闻”。

– The view or conclusion of articles in the Economist is positive on internet social-networking media against so-called “negative” view drawn out by this Sin Chew vice Editor-in-Chief.

This is how Sin Chew Daily twisted news and facts to mislead its Chinese readers, most of them cannot understand English. Sin Chew Daily is trying hard to be another Utusan to serve its master, a Sarawakian tycoon a.k.a BN crony.

This Sin Chew editorial article is truly a garbage. This writer, Tay [鄭丁賢] who was graduated from a Taiwan […]