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Repost: 鄭丁賢‧國光不來了之後

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I remember a story from a CEO in my previous company.

His mother told him, “Son, you must cut the fish into a few pieces before put on the plate.”

The CEO, “Mum, who taught you that way?”.

The mother, “Son, my mum taught me that way.”

The CEO then asked his grandmother, “Grand mum, why you cut the fish into a few pieces?”

The grandmother, “My honey, my plate is too small.”.

The story is telling that many people accept information without further probing like why the Taiwan government and her people objected the first proposal to locate KuaKwong factories at Chang Hua District.[彰化縣].

The original proposed location is a precious wetland and not suitable for heavy industry for lacking of fresh water and geology stability reason.

I see no surprise IF Taiwan government and the majority Taiwanese welcome KuaKong back to Taiwan Island with open arms after KuaKong finding a better location for its new factories.

My poser to PR and Green NGOs, Singapore gains all economical benefits while our people in Southern Johor have to take environmental hazards (if any) from the Jurong Petrochemical Island.

What do you do […]