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Chua Soi Lek says 1.2 million to lose jobs after the Hudud...Correct! Correct! Correct!

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Botak Chin was handcuffed and accomplished by policemen

That is correct! Correct! Correct!

1.2 million Chinese will be losing jobs in Genting casino, prostitution brothels, massage parlors, porn CD hawkling, drug smuggling, illegal gambling, 4D outlets, scratch-and-win lottery scam, loan shark gang, extortion ring, etc. after the Hudud is imposed.

More correct speaking is 1.2 million Chinese will not involving in the illegal and sin businesses if Malaysia has a clean, fair and just environment like Singapore for everyone to make money legally.

In the nutshell, 20% Malaysia Chinese are depending on illegal business for living because of

1. Lacking job opportunities for low level education Malaysian Chinese in Malaysia.

Culprit: BN racial policies.

2. Rampant corruption in the police has made Malaysian Chinese an easy way to make quick money from illegal businesses.

Culprit: Cronyism and Corruption under BN government.

3. Poor morality in the Chinese who put money above everything.

Culprit: Chinese traditional values and religions not in the school syllabus, brainwashing from money first TV dramas from HK and Western world, a bad role model from Chinese political party like Chua Soi Lek, etc.

Anyway, MCA can rescue Malaysian […]