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Hidden sugar and salt are the killer

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I took a can of 100-Plus isotonic drink yesterday and noticed its sugar content is 21g, already more than WHO’s daily recommeded sugar limit of 20g for an adult.

A package of instant noodle like myPenang white curry mee also come with very high content of sugar and salt. Basically an adult will exceed sugar and salt limits (4 times for salt) by just consuming a package of instant noodle.

My advice is totally NO processed food and drink if you want to live healthy and longer regardless there is sin tax or not.

Ministry to study tax on soft drinks

by loh foon fong

KUALA LUMPUR: A “sin tax” that will see higher prices for sugary drinks is being studied by the Health Ministry as a measure to address the high number of diabetics in the country.

Health director-general Datuk Seri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the ministry would come up with some evidence from a study in two months’ time.

He said soft drinks and other sweet beverages in the market contained high sugar content. Reducing people’s exposure to them was one strategy to address the high number of diabetics.