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I already identified 99 reasons to say NO to BN, one more to go !

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My blog readers are welcomed to submit the last reason, and a really big one before I close my one year and three months old public welfare project.

There is a bad policy, a bad action, a bad mouthing, a bad idea, a bad crime, a bad image, a bad comment, a bad incident, a bad thing, a bad project, a bad proposal, a bad plan, a bad report, a bad scandal, a bad personality, a bad publicity, a bad provocation, a bad advertisement, a bad joke, a bad demo, etc. comes out from BN government and its cronies

in every 4.5 days.

Please read through these 99 reasons before you submit any good reason, I mean an “agong” one for all right thinking Malaysians to reject BN.

That giant one already in my mind, but I still wanna get your feedback.