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My moral support for 1125 Peaceful Rally [1125和平請願大會]

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There are more than 580 NGOs and political parties have showing support for this rally.


The consequences of UMNO’s Education Blueprint:


1.1 The teaching hours for mother tongue classes in the Chinese and Tamil primary schools are reduced sharply to make room for Malay language teaching hours. The syllabi of Chinese and Tamil primary schools are distorted and tilted to Malay language which will make unique characteristics in the Chinese and Tamil schools diminishing slowly and it’s a growing peril of multilingual education system which is giving competitive advantage to the nation.


1.2. The Chinese Independence Schools are sidelined from the national education framework will cause more difficulties for their development and also facing more obstacles to gain recognition for independence school unified examination.


1.3. Several hundred private religious (Islam) schools are overlooked and unfairly treated for public fund allocation.


1.4. The legal status for secondary schools (national type) and church schools is deteriorating due to MOE did not keep the promises on language syllabus, power for the board of director, etc. given to them earlier.


Date: 11 AM, 25 November 2012.

地點:雪蘭莪州八打靈再也Padang Timur (Amcorp […]