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We need Bersih 2.0+ Rally

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What is Bersih 2.0+ Rally?

This is not another street demonstrations after the success of Bersih 2.0 rally to awaken middle-class in the cites.

The new strategy is follow-up actions to recapture lost grounds in the rural especially the bumiputeras and Indians.

Most political analysts and political parties agree the real fight in the next general election is winning the heart of those rural voters because BN has no chance to wrest back urban voters. Except those city dwellers with vested interests and parties members for BN component parties, I believe the majority [60% and above] of urban voters already know and understand BN is incurable patient.

Pakatan Rakyat should refocus their resources to penetrate rural areas.

Both DAP and PKR are damned weak in the rural and suburban areas. Although PAS is quite strong in the Malay rural areas, but no more than 30% rural Malays will vote PR, UMNO still in the upper-hand in the rural areas.

The winning formula for PR

In the peninsula rural areas, PR has to capture 40% Malay, 70% Chinese and 60% Indian votes.

While in Sarawak and Sabah rural areas […]