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Malaysia CAN review water agreement with Singapore

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The water agreement between Malaysia and Singapore has a clause for water price review AFTER 25 years. Singapore argued that Malaysia did not review it in year 1987 and hence lost the legal right to review it does not hold water. AFTER is defined as “later in time than” in all credible English dictionaries and Malaysia has absolute right to review water price after 25-year and before the agreement is expired.

Can Malaysia review the raw water price unilaterally if Singapore refuses to sit down in the negotiation table with Malaysia?

Malaysia can still proceed to review the water price unilaterally and inform Singapore accordingly. If Singapore feels the water price review is invalid or price hike is too steep, they have the legal right to challenge Malaysia in the magistrate court in Johor Baru.

Malaysia does not need to entertain Singapore for arbitration proceeding in any international court because the water agreement does not call for such legal obligation.

I urge Malaysian government be firm on the raw water price review exercise because 3-sen per 1000 gallons raw water for more than 50 years is ridiculous and unfair to seller. Also disclose […]