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Kelas Rancangan Khas is for Malays only

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A “Kelas Rancangan Khas” in a secondary school @ Sek Men Datuk Muhammad Said in Nilai only accepted Malay students. The reason given by the headmaster is these Malay students scores 7 A1 and assigned by the state education department.

In other word, not a single Chinese or Indian student scored 7 A1 in UPSR in the school.

UMNO has expanded apartheid from Mara colleges and boarding schools to general schools. There is no other better way to pick Malaysians to hate and fight each other with this kind of race-based special class.

Divide and rule is UMNO hidden agenda to control Malaysia as what British did in the past.

Vote BN if you want to have another Lebanon or Sri Lanka. Don’t vote BN does not mean you must vote PR.