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Najib is more powerful than Obama to get USD700 million political donation !!!

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President Obama was incapable to draw USD700 million during his presidential election campaigns.

Najib Razak seems is more capable and influential than Obama in fund raising. We Malaysians must be very proud of you for achieving another Malaysia Boleh world record.

If the money is not from 1MDB according to MACC, I strongly asking Malaysian government to form a royal commission to find out the whereabouts of RM42 billion. This is to clear our suspicious on the credibility and accountability of 1MBD, MACC, Attorney Office and Bank Negara.

The latest live show is the criminal is hunting investigators and prosecutors.

The special task force supposed to investigate RM2.6 billion black money reported by Wall Street Journal is intimidated by a black hand. (You know who!)

– Former attorney-General was making sick and sacked by the king.

– Former police special branch head was replaced.

– Bank Negara Governor was making long leave due to illness.

– MACC chief was taking one week’s leave for unknown reason.

Two out of four high-level task force members are sick in the same time must be another Malaysia BOLEH record.

Malaysia is heading to North […]