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FRU deliberately shot the teargas to crowd at > 50 meter away during the sit-in period, 2-4PM

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I was standing at a far distance from LRT station (anyone know the station name? I believe it’s LRT Masjid Jamek), and suddenly FRU fired two or three teargas canisters to Maulamat building direction without warning. I understood there was minor provocation by some youths near the LRT station, the teargas should not fired to innocent crowd at a far distance during the allowable sit-in period.

One of the cannisters dropped at about 10 ft in front of me, the teargas smoke hit me quite badly. My eyes could not opened up for 5 to 10 minutes until I cleaned them with mineral water, also from another Malay man. The effect on lungs is like serious heart burn. Some Malay guys gave me salts to swallow for mitigating the burning effects on the throat and lungs.

Thank Malay friends for your help without looking at skin color!

I did not feel panic at all, even this was the first time I was attacked by teargas paid with our money. Probably my military training twenty years ago helped me to cope with such an unexpected situation.

I think I will bring the abuse of […]