UMNO Apartheid >>>

Nazri, why Titiwangsa New Village was wiped out during 513?

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Titiwangsa Killing field during 513.

Why the historical fact about Chinese villagers in the Titiwangsa new village were slaughtered and wiped out by Malay militants (they are soldiers in civilian cloth) during 513 not re-played in Tanda Putera?

Why the remnant of Titiwangsa new village was converted to playground to hide the holocaust during 513?

Above story was narrated to me in mid-80s by an old Indian barber who stayed at Titiwangsa new village during 513. He witnessed a whole Chinese family of his neighbor was murdered by Malay militants.

513 holocaust will be repeated by Malay radicals in future because the masterminds have escaped war crime trial in the international court.

The hidden message is Malay UMNO politicians must kill Chinese to be prime minister and be deemed as Malay heroes.