UMNO Apartheid >>>

513 was started by Chinese? This is a national joke created by UMNO again.

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The letter published in Far East Economic Review about the holocaust in Kuala Lumpur.

SIR: May 13 was a gala day for the rioters and the Royal Military Security Forces. They indulged in murder, rape and arson to their hearts’ content — it was hell let loose that day and the demons enjoyed their holiday in a most diabolical manner. Yet with such damning airtight evidence the Tunku has the temerity to write “May 13 — Before and After”. Its publication is ill-timed. The wounds of victims who survived and others who suffered bereavements are still in the festering stage. There are hundreds of such sufferers. I am one of them. Two of my loved ones were shot down in cold blood by the security forces. My home of happy memories was burnt to ashes whilst I and many others managed to escape from this fiendish holocaust to live to tell this story. However patience is a virtue and revenge is sweet. The Tunku indulges in a paradoxical dedication in his book: to the innocent killed and the victims of the riots and also to the “loyal” security forces. We know that […]