Election >>>

Another May 13 after GE13 IF PR wins the election?

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Learn from their big brothers in Indonesia???

A Malay history teacher explained to my class in late 70s why NEP is needed to eradicate Malay poverty.

He said “Do you think Malay people will burn down Chinese houses if they also have same big and beautiful houses in the same area?”

I was fully agreed with his logic because poor people have nothing to lose in any unrest except to loot and burn down the houses of rich people.

My elder brother told me he saw more than 10 good cars parked in a Malay kampung house on his way back to Muar when we met up in kampung this Hari Raya.

My question is do you think these super rich UMNO people want to take risk by instigating another anti-Chinese riot?

UMNO rich politicians are main loser in any social unrest and riot in 2012. I am happily to loot their luxurious cars if they start to create a lawless society.