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Boycott this 7-11 branch in Taman Alam Jaya, Cheras KL.

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I bought a package of fresh milk, a box of egg and 2 cans of Mamee instance mee from this 711 store yesterday.

Two ugly things were happened. First, only 9 pieces of egg were in the box. I did not bring back to the store for exchange because petrol costs more.

The thing truly made me sick is I has discovered the milk package already opened and the milk also spoiled today. The milk volume left is about 3/4, meaning someone opened and consumed the milk before put it back to the shelf.

Click on it to view larger photo.

7-11 HQ responded positively and offered to refund me these two items which I declined. Just remind them to enforce a strict control on the food safety issue. I therefore deem this case closed. I withdraw this boycott call after the positive response from 7-11, but be reminded any consumer to open the milk package cap to check its seal is intact besides checking expiry date. I will continue to support 7-11 because they hire more local people unlike another convenience store, KK. […]