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Can 901 organisers ensure peace, asks Hisham. A stupid and wrong question!

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The correct question is Malaysian police is capable and professional to maintain public order?

Demonstrators got no power to maintain public order under the law.

If any demonstrator disturbs public order, arrest him or her accordingly.

If any provocateur from other factions like Perkasa, UMNO, etc. disturbs PR peaceful demonstration, also arrest him/her accordingly.

Hisham, stop asking such silly question, maintaining security and public order is the job of police, not the organizer for any demonstration.

Can 901 organisers ensure peace, asks Hisham Hemananthani Sivanandam

PUTRAJAYA (Jan 4, 2012): The organisers of the 901-Free Anwar Campaign planned for Monday must guarantee that the gathering will be peaceful, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said.

Speaking to reporters after the first post-cabinet meeting for the year, he stressed that safety and public order must be maintained for the security of the people.

“It is highly likely that the organisers will have to convince the police that whatever it is they are planning to do will not affect the people’s safety and public order.

“Even if they plan to assemble, it has to be in line with what is in the […]