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Let be sensitive toward religious issue

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Datuk Hardev Kaur, be free from any religious symbol meaning you are embracing communism or atheism. Don’t over zealous to please your boss.

My heartfelt regret

In response to news reports on a purported instruction from the Prime Minister’s Office that religious artefacts be removed at a Christmas function attended by him, his special officer Datuk Hardev Kaur has issued a statement to clarifiy the matter. The main problem is that the orginiser of the event had not been responsible enough to deny or refute the misleading reports when they were first published.

Following is Hardev’s statement:

By HARDEV KAUR Special Officer to Prime Minister

During my discussions with church officials for the Christmas tea party on 25 December 2010, I did not give any instruction whatsoever to remove crosses or crucifixes from the church or the vicinity of the function.

There was also no directive not to sing carols at the function.

As the prime minister’s schedule was tight on that day, I had suggested that in the interest of time, the guests could be entertained by the carollers while waiting for his arrival. At no time did I instruct that carols […]