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Muar river pollution is mainly from industrial estates, poultry farms and sewege water

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As a Muarian, I welcome the royal call from his Highness Johor Sultan for relocating bus stations and wet market from the riverbank and gazetting old buildings in the Muar city.

Nevertheless, in order to reduce Muar river’s pollution, several areas have to be looked into with a holistic approach by Johor and Federal governments.

For instances,

1. There are no solid wastes and sewage treatment facilities for industrial estates along the Muar river like Pagoh and Gersik Industrial Parks.

2. Untreated animal wastes from the poultry farms in Muar river upstream like in Kepong are discharged directly into river.

3. There are no sewage treatment facilities for small towns, new villages and Malay kampungs along the river.

4. The organic fertilizers and cultivation methods should be introduced and encouraged with tax incentives to reduce chemical and pesticide discharges from flowing into river.

Unpolluted and clean Muar river is not just for the sake of a better living habitat for fauna and flora and tourism development, but it’s a sole source of drinking water for entire Muar District, a big portion of Ledang District and a reserved reservoir for Melaka state.