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ISA to be abolished? Wait a minute, Muhyddin not yet agree!

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Najib is notorious for u-turn since he joined politics.

Let wait and see what Muhyddin will say about this before we jump up and down like monkeys. Muhyddin seems is more powerful than PM Najib.

Bad news is PR has less one contentious issue to attack BN.

ISA will be replaced with another law to handle terrorists is for sure.

Actually I do not agree ISA total abolishment, Malaysia still need a tough law to nab those people who create racial tension, terrorism, sabotage against nation, betrayal, spy episode, etc.

What we need is a fair and effective mechanism to check abuse of power by the police and minister like having an independent commission with power to review minister’s decision and the king is final man to decide on the commission recommendation.

Two layers of extra protection will make sure new law is not a political tool as ISA.

Those old enough in 1987 would thank Mahathir to use ISA to arrest politicians (MCA Lee Kim Sai and UMNO Najib were off the hook!) from both sides, otherwise another 513 might be repeated.

I was stayed in Kampung Baru then, could feel […]