UMNO Apartheid >>>

An idiot is always an idiot

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There are tons of bumi still cannot master two languages, their mother tongue and English. Hope they can master two more languages is a joke.

Mind you, Chinese and Tamil schools never decline to accept Malay students, some Chinese schools in Kelantan have more Malay students than Chinese.

If the idiot wants to take China in his argument. Let me correct this talking cock idiot for the sake of fact.

Han language is China national language, but Chinese government has fully sponsored vernacular schools for the minority ethnics to learn their mother tongue.

If the idiot wants to take India in his argument. Let me correct that idiot stupidity.

India has no national language, it only has official languages, Hindi and English.

Mahathir must be a “pengkhinat” for introducing English in the maths and science subjects according to idiot’s own interpretation on Malaysia national language.

The idiot has no intelligence as a judge, his arguments are either illusion or empty talk. Malaysia court is a renowned kangaroo court because there are judges like Mohd Noor Abdullah.

Go find some fascist Malays with good brain to represent Perkasa before causing more self-inflicted […]