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Chinese Communist-styled public canning

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This stone age punishment was not happened in China, but in our next neighbor, Acheh Indonesia.

I hope same harsh punishment will be imposed on those powerful Muslim clergies and politicians if they were caught red-handed for same offense.

Don’t you think the powerful politicians in Acheh will receive the same fate as these poor guy and gay?


Extramarital Kiss Earns Couple Eight Lashes Each in Aceh

Nurdin Hasan | December 10, 2010

Jantho, Indonesia. Two people received eight lashes each in Islamic Shariah law-controlled Aceh on Friday after being found engaging in an extramarital kiss.

A crowd of hundreds watched as Anis Saputra, 24, and Kiki Hanafilia, 17, were given eight lashes each at a mosque in Jantho, some 60 kilometers southeast of provincial capital Banda Aceh.