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Wrong priority, AG has given power to JPJ to prosecute AES offenders, but not to MACC to prosecute corruptors

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Attorney General Office has given authorization letter to JPJ for them to prosecute AES offenders.

BN government is more interested to reap money from the AES offenders than tackling corruption.

Besides, JPJ is super efficient in implementing AES than Penang Airport renovation project which is delayed for almost two years.

What you can do in legal way to lodge your protest against AES.

1. Do not pay AES summons until the court orders you to do so. This is to paralyze the court and JPJ with millions of offenders are waiting to be called up to court.

2. Vote out BN in GE13.

3. Accidentally bring your truck with front protection steel bar to knock down AES cameras. Your insurance company may have to pay for public property damage in the accident.

I do not recommend other actions like spraying red paint, tear down the camera with brutal force, etc. which are considered committing crimes under the Malaysian laws.

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