Corruption & Cronyism >>>

BN is corrupt to the core

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Even a three years child cannot accept 10 times difference in price for a product sourced from a same supplier.

Training? The supplier has to provide same training to US and Malaysia enforcement agencies.

OK, let assume Malaysia public servants need extra training to install and operate high-tech cameras.

An hour on the job training is sufficient for any adult to install camera, download photo and write the details on the summons. RM 1000 per head is already too expensive, but let take it as Bodohland’s training cost.

Maintenance? Both buyers have to do the same maintenance.

The only variance is transportation cost. Let give extra USD 500 for air shipping cost. The cost variance should not more than USD 1000 per unit.

BN is corrupt to the core, by right the opposition should be able to topple BN government easily.

Unfortunately, Malaysia opposition is competing with BN on who is less corrupt and evil, not on who is more clean and effective.

Another reason is most Malaysians cannot think for themselves, and those can think feel too frustrated to see both sides are evils.

Speed cameras on price radar […]