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Those got summons from AES may vote PR

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I support AES, but not to outsourcing the service to UMNO cronies and RM300 fine for each summons.

As a matter of fact, RM300 for each over speeding summons is not cheap compared with RM 2000 per month GDP per capita in Malaysia.

If BN government can outsource JPJ and police enforcement power to private companies, our king can outsource the Cabinet to foreigners as well.

BN government is issuing more summonses with AES to collect more money from rakyat without the intention to address high traffic accidents on the roads.

What if the accident rate is not decreasing in next year and the following years?

Does BN government is going to refund AES summonses already paid by the traffic offenders under the full governance accountability principle?

I suggest a new proposal with the aim of educating our drivers with a soft stick approach. The summons for first offend should be capped at RM100, second offend at RM200 and RM300 for third and more offends. A 50% discount is given only to those offenders who choose to attend 2-hour short course on road safety organized by JPJ.

Any right-minded […]