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Ah Long stickers are truly eyesore

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Not a single empty space in the public areas are spared from the sticker. The mailbox in my rented shophouse are fulled with Ah Long stickers.

The stickers all over the places already make Malaysia, a new wonderland.

This is again telling us that both BN and PR governments are failed governments in maintaining public housekeeping.

Cancel the phone number listed on the stickers is not a deterrent to low-life Ah Long. Arrest the boss with EO and banish these people for life is more appropriate. Those runners stick the stickers must be canned.

I am pessimistic about solving this menace by both BN and PR governments, both are competing on who is less corrupt and evil to win our votes.

As a supplier auditor before, the first thing I check is a company’s toilet cleanliness before I audit its production lines. A small thing can reflect the core value of a company.

If a government cannot solve this small local issue, how they are going to tackle much bigger problems like economy, crime, illegal immigrant, etc? That why we see all sorts of man-made problems in the Bolehland.


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