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HIV Curing? Hope that is not another false hope

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Those inventing the vaccine is qualified to be awarded with Nobel Price. But as usual, another new super virus will pop up after HIV is no more an incurable disease.

Monkey HIV vaccine ‘effective’, say researchers

By Neil Bowdler Science reporter, BBC News

A new vaccine can protect macaques against the monkey equivalent of HIV and could provide a fresh approach to an HIV vaccine, a study suggests.

US researchers say the vaccine offered protection to 13 of 24 rhesus macaques treated in the experiment.

In 12 of the monkeys, the vaccine was still effective 12 months later.

They claim the work, published in the journal Nature, could “significantly contribute” to the development of an effective HIV/Aids vaccine.

The researchers gave 24 healthy rhesus macaques a vaccine containing a genetically modified form of the virus, rhesus cytomegalovirus (CMV).

In 13 of the monkeys, the vaccine appeared to offer protection against simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), the monkey equivalent of HIV. Of these 13, 12 monkeys were still protected one year on.