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AirAsia casts no confidence vote on Malaysia, moved its HQ to Indonesia

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Malaysia is a sinking ship under the hands of UMNO pirates.

If foreign companies abandoned Malaysia still can be understood, but its own company also casts no confidence vote on Malaysia is catastrophic to Malaysia’s image.

Anyway, AirAsia is smart enough to avoid being drown together with Malaysia. Similar with Genting who calls Singapore as its new home.

AirAsia Moves Corporate HQ from KL to Jakarta

Putting regional office in Indonesia is a blow for Prime Minister Najib

With all the troubles he has had over the last two months, the confirmation Friday that AirAsia, arguably Malaysia’s most vibrant private company, is moving its headquarters out of the country to Indonesia is one more blow.

Tony Fernandes, AirAsia’s group chief executive, confirmed the decision in Tokyo Thursday, saying the move is an effort to upgrade his company’s image as a regional Southeast Asian airline rather than just a Malaysian carrier.

“I don’t know whether Najib has been told or not,” said a business associate of Fernandes in Kuala Lumpur. “But why should Tony care? There are solid business reasons for moving to Jakarta.”