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China is the most polluted nation in PM 2.5 micro particle

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Above chart for last week data shows PM 2.5 air quality in China is in critical condition. Air quality in Beijing hits 1000 beyond the 500 scale limit published by United States Environmental Protection Agency. US embassy in Beijing initially used crazy mad before replaced with beyond limit to describe air quality in Beijing.

Australia is one of the countries with excellent air quality. Malaysia air quality is also good.

Malaysia suffered a severe air pollution in 1998 due to haze from Indonesia. I was in Kuching when the AQI hits 600, the visible range fell to about one meter. Thus I can imagine how critical when AQI hits 1000.

Even you are non-smoker, your lung health is as bad as a heavy smoker if you stay in China for long period like 10 to 20 years. A medical research conducted in Guangzhou has confirmed the lungs of its non-smoking residents are polluted as those heavy smokers.

China has to pay the ultimate price for uncontrolled and unplanned GDP growth of 10% each year for last 20 years.

Malaysia will be another China if we keep burning fossil fuel for power.