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Malaysia will be number one terrorist exporter with Perkasa

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Local universities like UTM used to be a hotbed for Muslim terrorists. But Perkasa has replaced local universities as a legal nursery ground for Malay and Muslim radicals.

UMNO should be held responsible for nurturing terrorists, not other parties like PAS.

‘Stay away from radical groups’ By Ram Anand, Azril Annuar | Malay Mail – 14 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR: The Higher Education Ministry has called on university students to think maturely and not be easily lured into joining radical movements.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said students should be wise enough to think for themselves and not get dragged into terrorism activities.

“These terrorist groups will try to get as many new recruits as possible. In an age of openness (borderless), it is easier for students to be influenced and receive all kinds of information,” said Khaled, who was commenting on the two Malaysians arrested in Beirut last week for alleged ties with al-Qaeda.

Razif Mohd Ariff, 30 and Muhammad Razin Sharhan Mustafa Kamal, 21, are now facing charges in a Lebanese military court for suspected terrorist attacks.