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Congratulation to Ali Rustam for creating another Bodohland record

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It was reported by Bernama 130,000 people attended the wedding dinner of his son will make Najib and Muhyddin jealous about his reputation. In my opinion, Ali Rustam should be the next Prime Minister if BN wins in GE13.

Malay food caterer will charge at least RM20 per head, thus the minimum expenses for food alone is RM2.6 million.

Ali Rustam said the cost of the wedding dinner is paid by sponsors and businessmen, this revelation makes me wonder why they are willing to pay million ringgit.

PKR claimed several government agencies were tasked to provide free logistics services to Ali Rustam. Malaysian army personnel were assigned to wash toilets and utensils!

This incident is a concrete evidence that business cronyism is deeply rooted in Bodohland.