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UMNO cronies are a vital few Chinese

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NEP failed because of Alibaba business model is not a secret, everyone knows about it. Syed Mokhtar’s testimony is just a confirmation from a prominent Malay tycoon.

The former Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi himself admitted that an astounding average of 85.37 per cent of projects secured by Bumiputera contractors goes to the other communities.

There are two myths when it comes to failed NEP.

Myth 1: The Chinese belong to UMNO’s cronies are MCA politicians.

This is not true, they are also Chinese businessmen without political background are picked as alibaba business partner.

Those Alibaba Chinese are in small number, may be in thousands compared to 6.5 million ordinary Chinese like me.

Why UMNO politicians prefer Chinese? My friend told me it’s more easy and convenience for UMNO politicians to conduct dirty businesses with Chinese.

Myth 2: Bumi shares ownership is 20%.

The actual bumi shares percentage in current market value is double than official figure released by UMNO which is based on face value for the shares.

RM 52 billion shares allocated for bumi have NEVER reached the hands of needy bumiputeras. Therefore, I urge Malay and other bumi […]