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Double standards in prosecution Was :: You insulted others, then you apologized and hope to get off the hook.

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>> The sex couple cannot be bailed out is total abuse of law proceeding by the court. They are not murderers or drug dealers. They have retreated their offensive statement and apologized to Muslims and put them in the lock up pending the trial is inappropriate and unjust judgment.

The murder suspect in Chee Gaik Yap’s case was set free and thus ran away to Australia for seven years.

Which case is more serious?

>> Two charges are filed for a same offense is another donkey work only happened in the kangaroo court.

The prosecutor has to prove the bak kut teh in the picture is a pork dish. Not all bak kut teh is made with pork, some are fish ingredients, halal for Muslims if the restaurant is certified halal.

The sex couple may only found misusing halal logo, not related to charges filed by the prosecutor.

Ibrahim Ali should be charged also for threatening to burn down Bible under a just judicial system. Selective prosecution against the sex couple is showing BN government is practicing double standards.

The sex donkeys are not 5-year children, they consciously know what they did […]