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Coffee can prevent Alzheimer’s disease?

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May be true. My mum is 80 and another old lady in my neighbor is closed to 90 years old. Both of them drink coffee during the afternoon’s tea time with their old friends. None of them suffer Alzheimer’s disease.

Caffeine intake may inhibit Alzheimer’s disease

Mice that were given small amounts of caffeine had less ‘tau’, a protein that clogs brain cells in Alzheimer’s patients, compared to an identical control group.

French and German researchers on reported that they have found evidence in the lab to back theories that drinking caffeine has a preventative effect on Alzheimer’s disease.

In mice, regular doses of caffeine inhibited the growth of tau, a protein that clogs brain cells in Alzheimer’s patients, they said.

The discovery was made among mice that had been genetically modified to produce tau.

They were given a tiny dose of caffeine – 0.3 g per litre – in their drinking water over 10 months.

This is roughly equivalent to two cups of coffee per day for human beings.

Less inflammation of brain tissue

The mice were compared with an identical group of “tau” rodents which did not get the caffeine dose.