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UMNO goons are racists by wanting to chase out Ambiga from Malaysia

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Bersih 3.0 co-chairman Datuk A. Samad Said showing the memorandum to the media at Datuk Ambiga’s house. – Photo by Jack Ooi

The black hand behind anti-Ambiga campaign is Malay mafia Pekida who hide behind Perkasa, Gerakan Belia Gagasan 1Malaysia or whatever name.

Just because they think Ambiga is an Indian, they have every right to chase her out from Malaysia. This is a racist statement!

Go read Malaysia constitution, provided they respect the constitution on which clause in the constitution is allowed the government to chase out Malaysian borned in Malaysia.

I cut my one if they can gather 150,000 monkeys in Bukit Jalil Stadium.

UMNO itself failed to get 100,000 and 1/3 of stadium was empty during its 66th anniversary party.

Boycott this restaurant, Sekinchan Ikan Bakar owned by the multimillionaire who lead the fake Bersih 4.0. A reader supplied these two branches in JB and Melaka.

Johor Bahru: Blk 4, Danga Bay, Jln Skudai (near Tune Hotel)

Melaka: 2 Jln Melaka Raya 15

There is another dirty way to play out with this restaurant, order the food and then slip away before the food is delivered […]