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BPI or LSS or any productivity improvement tools will not solve American over consumption problems

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Over spending and over consumption with mismatching in production and supply is the root cause of American budget deficits.

Instead of admitting the root cause, they turn to productivity improvement tools to cut waste is another case of penny smart, pound foolish.

Malaysia is following American step towards bankruptcy because a majority group of its people are expecting free lunch from its minority and over depending on its ever depleting natural resources.

Can Lean Six Sigma Reduce Government Waste?

Quality professionals say ‘yes,’ but outline challenges to implementation.

Edited By Jill Jusko

Conservative presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has been promoting Lean Six Sigma as a means by which to reform the U.S. government. Among several endeavors, in mid-August he held a teleconference on the topic, telling listeners his interest in lean and Six Sigma dates back to the mid-1980s. He also said Lean Six Sigma would be the centerpiece of his campaign.

Several other conservative presidential candidates also have expressed interest in Lean Six Sigma. So, too, has President Obama and his administration.