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NO to BN Reason 99: Amnesty for illegal immigrants is asking for trouble

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Do you accept and allocate a room in your lovely home for a strange intruder to your compound?

The answer is definitely NO.

Why BN government offered numerous amnesty programs to illegal workers? I am not an xenophobia and racist, but the rationale behind these amnesty programs are beyond my comprehension and defies my commonsense.

Q1: Why there are 2-3 million illegal immigrants hiding in a small country like Malaysia?

A1: This is telling me 200,000 immigration, police and army personnel are either sleeping or corrupt to the core.

Q2: Why there are countless of amnesty programs like Malaysia annual cheap sale?

A2: This is telling me either the situation is out of control or someone is profiteering from the exercise.

Q3: Why the canning punishment for employer who hires more than four illegal workers never being enforced by our court? A couple thousands of employers should be canned for violating our stringent labor law, but not a single case was reported.

A3: This is telling me again the police and court systems are corrupt to the core. A mockery of Malaysia law without the enforcement.

BN government is inviting […]