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Anacondas should be totally banned in Malaysia

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Baby yellow anacondas at the Kuala Pilah Snake Farm at the Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest. Pic by Amin Jalil. Source: NST

It was reported that the Kuala Pilah Snake Farm keeps and breeds the yellow anacondas, a giant snake from South America. The risk of snake escapes from the captivity and breeding in the wild is there. For instance, Burma pythons escaped from a snake farm in Florida during a cyclone have caused ecological disaster in North America.

Although piranha already in the total import ban list. But there was unreported case where a piranha was caught in Muar river after some irresponsible fish hobbyists released the fishes into the river.

Thus, anaconda should be listed as a total import ban species coupled with the full enforcement to avoid any potential ecological disaster to our native species.

Visitors flock to see 30 baby anacondas


UNIQUE: Ulu Bendul farm only one in Asia breeding anacondas

KUALA PILAH: THE Kuala Pilah Snake Farm at the Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest here has been flooded with visitors since two yellow anacondas which have been at the farm since July last […]