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Anson Wong is the kingpin of illegal wildlife trade

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Anson Wong has been operating his wildlife trading empire from Penang under the protection of Perhilitan for last two decades. His modus operandi was discovered in the January 2010 issue of National Geographic magazine in early this year.

Malaysia is not just the center of power corruption in the SEA, our country is also a center for illegal wildlife trade under Anson Wong and Perhilitan.

PR government did support a proposal from this fella for building a tiger park in Penang as his back door for laundering his illegal animal trading business.

Smugglers and poachers generate RM90bil a year By STEPHEN THEN

MIRI: Illegal wildlife traders in Asean nations, including Malaysia, are making a killing – literally.

A whopping US$30bil (RM90bil) in black money is generated annually from the poaching and smuggling of endangered wildlife and animal parts in countries in South-East Asia, according to the latest figures compiled by regional and international wildlife agencies.

This shocking statistics is being tabled for discussion among wildlife enforcement agencies of Asean member countries, the US-AID, European Commission and Asean Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) in Thailand.