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Malaysia lizard king brings bad name to Malaysia. Confisticate all his properties is only way to stop his illicit trade.

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Al Jazeera¹s 101 East reveals Madagascar’s illegal wildlife trade By: SEM on November 21, 2013.

Convicted smuggler Anson Wong is discovered still operating his multi-million dollar illegal business, having been helped by Madagascan presidential candidate’s son

Malaysia, 17 November 2013: Anson Wong is one of the world’s most infamous wildlife traffickers, convicted twice of smuggling exotic wildlife across international borders. Working with anti-trafficking groups, 101 East goes undercover to expose Wong’s Malaysian and Madagascan-based operations – and the officials who allow it. (Sunset over Baly Bay, Madagascar. It is the only place in the world where the critically-endangered Ploughshare Tortoise can be found. Photo credit Steve Chao)

Speaking about Wong, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust said, “He’s almost public enemy number one for us in terms of his reputation.”

For more than two decades, Wong has been the internationally recognised ‘face’ of the trade. The Malaysian’s notoriety stems from 1998 when he was arrested by US agents after they lured him to Mexico in a highly elaborate five-year investigation that became a best-selling book, The Lizard King. He was later convicted for smuggling endangered species and sentenced to 71 months in prison.

In 2010, Wong […]