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UMNO racists are muted about real 1Malaysia policies

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NEP was totally twisted to exclude poor people from non-bumi.

Don’t argue with me on this point, I had experienced myself after my SRP. I remembered clearly I was a “jaguh kampung” in the Malay majority rural school, the headmaster and Malay teachers announced to us that science boarding school is for bumi only.

UMNO racists know the fact that they are the root cause for racial polarization but deny to admit.

The immiediate right policy is to stop discount to bumi affordable house buyers and replace it with discount to all poor rakyat.

FIGHTING POVERTY: Let all Malaysians gain from policies

DR A. SOORIAN, Seremban

AT the 60th Umno annual general assembly recently, it was stated in no uncertain terms that the Malays are nowhere near the intended target of a 30 per cent share of corporate capital.

After more than 30 years of the New Economic Policy, it was only at 19.2 per cent currently, the party added.

Therefore, it was argued that we must continue with the NEP.

The NEP was formulated in 1971 with the noble motive of lifting all Malaysians out of poverty and ensuring that they have […]