Race Relations >>>

Malay ultras ask, “The Indonesians, Papua New Guinea and may be in the Soloman Islands many Chinese concerns have been attacked. Why?”

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WHY? Because these countries are under a racist regime who cannot manage their economy and feed their own people.

The truths are

– Chinese in these countries got no guns to rob native people unlike the white people in Australia and America.

– Chinese in these countries make their wealth through hardwork and business acuman.

– Chinese only practising their culture and religion and never attempted to convert local people,

Why Chinese is attacked by local people?

Because Chinese are stupid not to arm themselves like the Communist Party of Malaya and protect themselves with guns. So, they are lambs and easy scapegoat to divert problems of racist government like UMNO Nazi.

Why native people did not attack whitemen?

Because whitemen killed them all without mercy if local people tried to attack them.

The philosophy is a robber robs a defenseless rich man and then the robber blames the rich man for his own sin.