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Safe or not, do not spend your money in Indonesia

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There are more than 200 countries in the world for you to spend your money, why spending your money in a pariah-like country?

Indonesia safe to visit By AMY CHEW

JAKARTA: Indonesia remains a safe place to visit despite the anti-Malaysia demonstrations over the recent alleged maid abuse by a Malaysian employer, the Malaysian embassy said.

The embassy said Malaysian news reports on the demonstrations, which gave the impression that the country was unsafe, were inaccurate and raised the concerns of Malaysians wanting to travel to Indonesia.

“It is safe to visit Indonesia. None of the embassy staff here feels threatened,” a Malaysian official who declined to be named told The Star.

Group message: Activists demonstrating in front of the Malaysian embassy in Jakarta Thursday. — Bernama

He said Wednesday’s reports that protesters besieged the home of Malaysian ambassador to Jakarta, Datuk Syed Munshe Afdzaruddin Syed Hassan, were out of context.