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Donkeyland's UMNO evil again is using judiciary to down Anwar

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Last year I wrote about the ruling to convict Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy, saying it was a decision that not only embarrassed Malaysia, but impeded it. Anwar then remained on bail while he appealed the decision, but today, Malaysia’s highest court upheld it. Anwar is going to jail, for five years – again.

Anwar’s background, and that of the case, are discussed in detail in the earlier article, so let’s just focus on what has happened here and what it does not only for Anwar, not only for opposition politics, but for Malaysia itself.

Let’s leave aside the question of whether it can possibly be right to convict a man for his (alleged) sexuality. And the many problematic aspects of the case that caused the first court that heard it to throw it out, before the state itself appealed the decision. Let’s put to one side, for the moment, the extraordinary timing we are expected to believe about the sodomy cases that have been thrown at Anwar: first immediately after falling out of favour with then-leader Mahathir Mohamed in 1998, when Anwar was his deputy and anointed successor; then with […]