Sabah Under Attack >>>

Send submarines to fight with the intruders

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HOMECOMING Members of the Royal Security Force of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo who have traveled with Crown Prince Rajah Mudah Agbimuddin Kiram in what the descendants of the Sultan of Sulu describe as not an act of aggression against Sabah but a journey back to their homeland. Malaysian police and special forces surround the “royal army,” asking them to return home. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Why the police and army take days to wipe out more than 100 armed intruders?

More than 100 armed intruders have invading Sabah is not a small matter, it’s a serious national security leaking issue. They are “Royal Army of Sulu” behind intrusion to retake Sabah.

The corruption in the Defence Ministry has weaken the capability of Malaysia security forces in responding to foreign invasion.

What the Malaysia security forces urgently need is normal (not gold plated) armored vehicles to deal with the armed intruders, not the billion ringgit submarines.

Any foreigner can come to Malaysia freely with the guns, and Malaysian government will politely tell them,” please go home peacefully.”

That is a national shame to have a government who cannot protect the sovereignty of […]