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Asus biggest problem is its suck customer service

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With a bluetooth headset, Asus FonePad should be fine to be used as a phone. 7-inches screen is right for me, it’s not too big as a phone and not too small as a tablet. The device is portable to be stored in the waist wallet.

Its technical specifications meet all my requirements.

Asus customer service is damn suck, that it’s a big no to buy Asus product.

Ideal budget phablet

Anansa Jacob

THE Asus FonePad will definitely challenge the way you look at the phablet range of devices. There has been some intense discussion as to the “perfect size” device for combining the two uses of phone and tablet.

Considering that most larger smartphones these days can double up as mini tablets themselves, the whole point of phablets might seem moot. But Asus is determined to try it out with the FonePad.

Based on looks alone, the FonePad is striking. Its aluminium casing comes in a choice of two colours – an ordinary Titanium Gray, and the far more appealing Champagne Gold, a rosy colour that makes it stand out among the usual black or white devices.

And at 7-inches and weighing […]