Complaint on companies >>>

The quality of branded consumer goods also suck

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I speak out from my hands-on experience, not through a scientific study.

1. Sharp microwave oven

My unit was blasted in about a year. I saw a number of same Sharp microwaves in Seng Heng shop were waiting to be repaired. The salesman told me it was part quality issue.

My repair unit spoiled again after six months. I have decided to scrap it for safety and no more under warranty reasons.

2. Philips induction cooker

It was sold at premium price compared to other brands. The unit causing power trip six months later. Although it was still under warranty, I also decided to scrap it for safety reason because power trip means current leakage which can kill people if your safety switchbox, MCE is not working properly.

3. Asus netbook

This newly bought Asus netbook (I am using it to post this posting) is having jumping cursor keyboard. The cursor will jump like a crazy horse when you type in more quickly. I cannot scrap it because it costs me RM899, like it or not, I have to send it to Asus service center for repair.