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Local banks lacking security protection. The trojan horse was released in May 2014.

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The ATM hacks are not high-tech operation, the syndicate only used the trojan horse malware freely available in internet since last May. There are at least four leak holes found in those compromised ATMs.

1. Top panel can be opened freely.

2. No alarm to alert bank security.

3. The memory card slot is not secured.

4. No antivirus and Windows OS, mainly Windows XP timely updates to protect against the trojan horse malware.

5. No security personnel to look out the ATMs.

Above leaks indicate poor security policy and maintenance culture in certain local banks.

How we consumers put our trust on these banks to protect our money and personal data security?

No customer accounts compromised by ATM hacks, says ABM


KUALA LUMPUR: No customer account balances were compromised during the spate of automated teller machine (ATM) hacks in Affin Bank, Al Rajhi Bank and Bank Islam over the weekend, said the Association of Banks Malaysia.

Executive director Chuah Mei Lin said member banks were now stepping up efforts on security to protect customers’ data, following reports of ATMs in 14 bank branches in Selangor, Johor and Malacca […]