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The Lady is a great movie to tell us that freedom is not free

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Thousands of Myanmar people lost their lives to fight for the freedom and democracy from the military junta.

“The Lady” is about the story of struggle of Aung San Su Kyi for her nation’s freedom from the barbarians, love and devotion between a wife and a husband for a common cause. She chose to stay in Myanmar instead of flying out to see her dying husband in the hospital.

She was under house arrest for 15 year and only released in 2010 after the manipulated general election.

The Arabic Spring has influenced and shaped the new political climate in Myanmar and elsewhere in the world including Malaysia. Any totalitarian regime will be washed away under the strong current of Arabic Spring movement.

I believe Aung San Su Kyi will be elected as the First Lady in Myanmar in the near future with more than 90% overwhelming supports from Burmese people.

Michelle Yeoh is a leading actress for “The Lady” with excellent acting role in the movie. She is a strong contender for Oscar’s best actress in 2012.

Don’t miss out this movie if you appreciate the freedom and human rights. […]