Corruption & Cronyism >>>

Former Tourism Minister, Azalina Othman Said is alleged involved in corruption

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Malaysia needs more whistle blowers to expose corruption and wrong practices in both BN and PR governments. If whistleblower711 can do the same against PR will add more weights on his neutral claim.

Only insiders can have such detailed information, and they can put a stop on this illegal and immoral practices for the sake of this country.

Anyway, be neutral or not in politics is not important in busting corruption because corruption is the public enemy.

I did make a mistake for bribing a traffic police in Penang ten years (more) ago. He offered RM30 to settle my red light traffic offense which I accepted reluctantly to save RM120 penalty. This is only black spot in my life, and vow not to repeat it.

Now get down to business. Let’s divert the attention to another member of parliament. This member of parliament also received monies from Dato’ Yahya Abd Jalil companies (AMPMSB). The mode of the transaction is pretty straight forward. Perhaps it is meant for social programs in the Member of Parliament constituency. Who knows for sure except for the giver and the receiver. The Member of Parliament meant here […]