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Let have a regulation on noise level from all religious prayers

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Muslims in Penang did complain noise level from the opera stages during the hungry ghost festival is too high and affecting their routine prayers.

I did stay in Kampung Baru for a few years and waken up at almost every early morning due to a very loud Azan call from the nearby Jamek mosque. No one complained the noise level because the area is predominantly Malay.

My former apartment in Penang was bombarded by two mosques at almost the same time, loud speakers from two “surau” interfered each other causing a noise pollution. I sold my middle cost apartment to a Malay for a losses and moved out to other place.

I also did see a Malay neighbor in Setapak when I was a student cursing at Chinese folks who burned fire crackers in the 12 midnight during the heavenly God festival on 9th day of lunar calendar. He told me he was angry after wakened up by the sudden noise. This is only happened once a year, he as a new resident already felt angry on burning fire cracker traditional cultural event long held by local Chinese before he moved in.

Burning […]